January 2020-
Rome was our first stop for our European adventure with Moi Concept Store. We enjoyed a beautiful sunny afternoon exploring the lower Piazza di Spagna. We finally met Claudia at the beautiful new Alcozer & J store that just opened last year. It is always a privilege  to connect with the wonderful people that we work with.
In Marseille, France,  we were able to see our families but as well discover all the concept stores that have opened in the last few years. We enjoyed exploring Sessun Alma which is a new concept store with a canteen, decoration, books and objects. It gives us inspiration.
We were as well very privilege to be part of a training on the Lady First III…. a magnificent 60’ sailing boat. Teamwork and synchronization are the two most important factor in being successful. A true life lesson!
We had planned our trip to Paris around the Tranoi show and Paris Fashion Week. We started with the Tranoi show in the setting of the Palais de La Bourse and started new collaboration with exclusive new European designers.
Angelina, Café de Flore and Season were stops not to be missed for their ambiance and their delicious food and beverages.
We met the owner of the Snob Robert Luissier and were able to get a sneak peak to their upcoming collection. On the pont des arts, we did in this beautiful setting a photo shoot with all of Roseline d’Oreye’s silk scarves collection with the help of Laureen.
L’éclaireur, Sezanne, and Rouje were a few stops that inspired us being the most trendy concept stores right now in Paris.
What an experience to be part of the fashion show of Nicolas Jebran in the beautiful hotel d’Evreux on the Place Vendôme!
We finished our trip at the luxury hotel Plaza-Athenee and got a few nice shots of the Eiffel Tour.
What a magnificent and enriching European trip for Moi!