Alcozer & J

Alcozer & J is an artisan company specialized in the creation and production of luxury costume jewelry.
The founder and designer Giampiero Alcozer, after treasuring various creative experiences and artistic inspirations in different countries decided in 1994 in the heart of Florence, to fulfil his lifelong dream to create fashion costume jewelry that would be inspired by a taste of the past, but at the same time reinterpreted in a contemporary style.

Alcozer & J is supported by the deep knowledge of craftsmanship jewelry techniques and by a young and devoted team of professionals. Giampiero Alcozer still manufactures truly unique artworks in the luxury costume jewelry field by using semi-precious stones, pearls and Swarovski crystals which are set, with creations using the lost-wax brass casting process. Then the jewels are gilded using the electroplating method. This is how an entirely made in Italy handcrafted product of the highest quality is created at Alcozer & J. We had the privilege to visit Alcozer’s newest store in Rome in the beautiful Spanish step area in January 2020. We met the lovely Claudia there, who gave us a complete history lesson on the company. We sit down and created a new order in this gorgeous setting. We cannot wait to visit next time their factory in Florence, Italy and to see first hand these priceless jewelry done by hand.

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