Jungle Hippie by JackyM

Jungle Hippie @junglehippie is a wearable art clothing brand by JackyM.  It is designed for sexy hippies and funky souls.  Jacky makes a lot of very small batch designs that she acid washes herself.  She, also, designs a small batch clothing line made in Southern California and tie-dyed in a professional dye house using a vegan-silk-substitute.  While she does not sew all her creations herself, Jacky has been sewing since 17 and studied Fashion Design out of her pure passion for fashion and art through fashion.  Her ethos consists of quality and style. She is passionate about sustainability and ethically made products that support local jobs and local economy while being respectful to Mother Earth.  Her favorite thing is wearable art that makes you smile, that you want to live your life in and have all your best, worst and between memories in.  Jacky firmly believes that Jungle Hippie is her purpose and this is how she can best serve the world today.

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