Let It Glow by Renata

Florence and Aurelie were thrilled to discover Renata’s new studio located in the vibrant downtown of Sarasota. Moi has carried the wonderful line of Renata’s products made here in Sarasota. Let it glow body lotion and face balm have been part of our repertoire since the beginning of Moi’s exciting journey one year ago. Let it glow body lotion is not just another body lotion! Let it glow was created with the demands of chronic dry skin n in mind. Most products evaporate from the skin and lose their moisturizing abilities within a few hours after application. The perfect blend of nourishing cold-pressed oils in an all-natural Aloe and cucumber extract base seal in moisture and keep skin soft and hydrated longer than any other lotion on the market. As for the face balm, this is the perfect time to invest in a deep moisturizing, all natural face cream. Wearing a mask for a long period of time can cause breakouts and rashes and this is why your skin should be your priority and protecting it is essential. Let’s call the vital soothing mask cream!
As Moi loves to give back to the community, Renata believes in the Hope Family Services/Services for domestic violence/Manatee Florida. Please take a minute to look at their website and consider helping this wonderful organization. Moi has given back at multiple times while doing pop-up at Renata’s last location.
Working with local businesses allows Florence and Aurelie to connect in person, do videos, be in the loop for any special products coming out and create special friendship. In that regard, Renata has the possibility to add wonderful scents in her body cream! The full line of beauty products is available on our website by clicking this link.