Melissa Kandiyoti Jewels

Melissa Kandiyoti is a Belgian Jewelry designer who has adopted Paris as her creative laboratory. We met her in her studio in the XVI arrondissement in January 2020.  We were impressed with the quality of her collections. She is knowledgeable and is passionate about her trade.

She started her career as a professional singer, but her fascination and passion for fine, antique and contemporary jewelry soon inspired her to create her own collection.

This self-taught designer has an absolute passion for volumes. Melissa’s oversized earrings, which she wears every day, have become the trademark of her style.

Her collaboration with her friend and designer Franck Montialoux, inspires their shared tastes of exotic travel and world cultures.  Her collections are born from this desire to represent the world through vibrant and creative jewelry. Melissa and Franck strive to mix contrasting materials. They love the sparkle of Swarovski Crystal and the Rawness of semi-precious stones.  Harmony and refined use of colors are always at the forefront of the their creative process. Through her collections, 100% Handcrafted in Paris, Melissa Kandiyoti Jewels invites her customers on a voyage around the world;India, Jamaica, Capri, Tahiti, Marrakech… Her jewels are for women who want to feel good about themselves, look different, sexy, feminine and always at the forefront of the fashion movement. We ordered some beautiful sautoirs and earrings from her Tahiti collection. We cannot wait to share her beautiful pieces with our clients! Stay tune!