Respoke Footwear

We are thrilled to add these beautiful  Respoke espadrilles to our repertoire. Sold into the most exclusive stores in the USA, these are not your typical summer shoes. We are currently the exclusive store here in Sarasota, Florida carrying them.

Most of our clients will recognize right away the beautiful pedigree of the fabrics.  Only original scarves from Hermes, Gucci, Pucci or other Haute Couture designers are used.  The founder of the company, a Cap Cod native and best-seller author, Michael Tonello is an avid scarves collectors. He came up with the idea of repurposing these beautiful scaves into comfortable and handcrafted footwear.  All the shoes are handmade in Spain from authenticated iconic scarves. We love that each pair is unique and hand-made. They are the perfect luxurious accessory for our Summer 2020 and beyond. With all the unprecedented events, we enjoy even more than usual comfort and a well-known luxurious accessory. These shoes are perfect for lounging around at home with jeans shorts or for a quiet date night paired with one of your beautiful dresses.  The pop of colors they bring makes us happy and the upcycling nature of the business makes it a sustainable product.   Their Spanish craftspeople earn a fair wage in family owned workshops, passing along their knowledge for future generations. No leather is used to produce these shoes. Like any espadrilles, it is good to remember that it is normal to feel a tightness at first. These shoes will stretch 1/4 size and conform to your feet for the most comfortable fitting like a pair of slippers. They come as espadilles, mules, wedges and even sneakers. Please contact us if you have a special pair in mind.

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